Application from CrackpipeHitta

Application from CrackpipeHitta

Postby CrackpipeHitta » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:16 pm

A new user has submitted an application to SOFW, called CrackpipeHitta.

Your in-game name:

E-mail address

Washington DC America

Your age:

How long have you been playing PC games:
Since forever, dog

At what times do you normally play:
All day e'eryday

Teamspeak yes/no:
I always speak to my team

What other games do you like to play:
All of them, mostly reindeer games

If you become a member will you review the Clan Forum at least twice a week:

What is Your STEAMID:
It gettin hot in here from all these questions and I'm steamin mad about it, yo

If you become a member will you be active 4 to 6 hrs a week:

Have you been in any other clans:

If yes to other clan, which ones? And your reason for leaving:
CULO clan. But they kicked me out because they said I wasn't hittin' the pipe hard enough, dog.

How did you hear about SOFW:
I heard about y'all from CULO clan because they hate you. But I hate the CULOs now. So I need to join up with like minded gangstas like myself so I can get justice.

Tell us why you think you would make a good addition to our clan:
I already answered that up above, son. What the fuck?

Do you have any skills that would be beneficial to the operation of SOFW:
I know where the tendon is that if you cut it, the person falls down. I will cut tendons for this clan. Also, I'm the best there is at filling out clan applications, son. And you know this, man. And if you don't know, now you know. It took me like fi' minutes to do this, son.

Add any other comments you wish to add to your application ( Short and to the point ):
I enjoy knitting and tattoo designs and if we ever get an approved clan tattoo design, I know some medieval muthafuckas up in the cut that might could get us a deal on them tats.
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Re: Application from CrackpipeHitta

Re: Application from CrackpipeHitta

Postby [SOFW]JamEvil » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:41 pm

Hey I've flown with this crazy cat and he seems like he'd make a great addition to our clan. Mostly because of his hatred towards the lame CULO clan members. We will never tell you that you are not hitting the pipe hard enough because I'm sure you hit the pipe just right, like baby bears porridge yo. Welcome aboard!
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