Application from Crack_Jack

Application from Crack_Jack

Postby Crack_Jack » Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:23 pm

A new user has submitted an application to SOFW, called Crack_Jack.

Your in-game name:

E-mail address

New Orleans, LA

Your age:

How long have you been playing PC games:
20 years

At what times do you normally play:
all times

Teamspeak yes/no:

What other games do you like to play:

If you become a member will you review the Clan Forum at least twice a week:

What is Your STEAMID:

If you become a member will you be active 4 to 6 hrs a week:

Have you been in any other clans:

If yes to other clan, which ones? And your reason for leaving:
TSF.....they are terrible

How did you hear about SOFW:

Tell us why you think you would make a good addition to our clan:
Jam likes it when I play with his penis

Do you have any skills that would be beneficial to the operation of SOFW:

Add any other comments you wish to add to your application ( Short and to the point ):
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