New handcuffs, can administer a sedative or electric shock

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New Handcuffs Capable of Administering Electric Shock and Sedatives
Posted by: Andre Gabriel Esparza
February 22, 2015

February 20th was National Handcuff Day. With a recent patent being filed by Scottsdale Inventions LLC. in Phoenix, Arizona a new style of handcuffs will have some Law Enforcement Officers, Prison guards, Bailiff’s and possibly even school officials, jumping for joy about these torture restraints. Invented on this day in 1912 by George A. Carney with the first models being manufactured by Smith & Wesson. The National Handcuff Day even has a Facebook page and a Quiz you can take on their website with a prize including a set of cuffs for the highest scores. A celebration for the human confinement bracelet is absurd.

Did Mr. Carney have in mind that that his invention would eventually lead to the advancement of the the handcuffs into electronic shock collars for humans. The patent is not limited to just the wrist restraints but for ankle braces, neck collars, restraint shackles and even facial mask restraints. With the ever growing militarized police state evolving in our country, if these are distributed throughout the Nation it would be another obstacle to breach. The common misuse of other weapons in the law enforcement arsenal will continue and even increase with such abusive tactics when these “augmented detainee restraints” are implemented. The electric shocks are being recorded at about 20,000 to 150,000 volts for as long as 10 seconds and can be engaged by remote from as far as 300 feet away and even be pre-programmed to go off at certain intervals.

They are also capable of injecting sedatives and tranquilizer drugs by the presence of a movable needle. Tattoo artists and Doctors have to held to a high standard of sterilization, will these needles be regulated to the same requirements? Handcuffs are used on innocent people all the time to just simply detain while the oppressor is investigating the situation, so being told “don’t move or i’ll shock you” will instill an absolute fear into the public that to be handcuffed is to be possibly electrocuted or sedated against your will. According to Forbes a Police Officer ranks #7 in professions that attract psychopaths. As we have been finding out some of these public servants already commit wrong doings by their abuse of certain authoritarian tools. I understand the Free Enterprise System but to manufacture something like this and get it patented for possible use on the American public is Orwellian, not even Hannibal Lecter needed these type of torture devices. ... sedatives/ ... udWNcbymeA
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