former [SOFW]RATH

Postby RATH » Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:43 am

wow its been a long time i was wearing my SOFW t-shirt today and decided to see if SOFW was still kicken.I had checked over a year ago and couldnt find anything but old i miss some of you guys.i had started a business and had some kids so the dod play was cut completely out of my life :cry: now everything has settled down.maybe i will buy this new game and u guys can knife me in the back again.hope to hear from you soon



Re: former [SOFW]RATH

Postby [SOFW]Impaler » Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:10 am

Hey man welcome back! We'd love nothing better than to stick a knife in you. It's the least we could do for a long lost clan member. Get on our Mumble server and we'll get you set up.
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Re: former [SOFW]RATH

Postby [SOFW]GUNDY » Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:04 pm

We've always been kickin' in one form or the game or the other.

Get back!
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Re: former [SOFW]RATH

Postby [SOFW]BanG » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:11 am

RATH put your tag on and get back in here with missed you as well man.
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Re: former [SOFW]RATH

Postby RATH » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:07 am

good to hear from some of you guys i guess i need a new headset and the new game u guys are playing anything else?



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